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Grow With Us.

We have completed our team for the 2024 growing season! ​
Please keep us in mind for work opportunities in future seasons. 

Duties of all team members include (but are not limited to): ​

  • Harvesting, washing, and packaging vegetables for sale

  • Seeding, transplanting, and cultivating crops

  • Field-related tasks such as bed preparation, weeding, irrigation, and applying inputs

  • General farm upkeep, maintenance, and improvement of farm property, facilities, and equipment

  • Operating farm tools and machinery safely and effectively

  • Adhering to established farm standards for quality, efficiency, food safety, and documentation

  • Performing all of the above in all types of weather conditions and in accordance with organic certification and food safety requirements

While not a must, a year or more of positive experience with agricultural or horticultural production would be a very good indication of all the qualifications below. If you haven’t worked on a farm before, some sort of outdoor, physical job would be a good equivalent, as would strong experience in fast-paced food service. Special consideration will be given to applicants with prior experience and/or formal education in organic vegetable production. 
Necessary Qualifications

  • Positive outlook and contributes to a collaborative work environment where all individuals feel safe, appreciated, and respected

  • Can maintain an energetic disposition and a good sense of humor

  • Effective time and task management strategies 

  • Commitment to consistently maintaining a clean and sanitary working environment

  • Takes pride in their work, and finds fulfillment in meeting high standards for great quality

  • Owns clothing and footwear appropriate for varying weather conditions and farm tasks

  • Reliable attendance and punctuality  

  • Ability and willingness to perform physically demanding work

  • Interest in sustainable agriculture or related fields 

  • Finds value in developing and participating in lean, efficient work systems

  • Gracefully receives and implements corrective feedback 

  • Comfortable working alone or with a small team

  • Ability to communicate clearly, openly, and effectively  

  • Asks questions

Physical Requirements
All farm team members must have the physical ability to:

  • Safely and repeatedly lift 50lbs and awkward objects

  • Repeatedly stoop, kneel, bend, crawl, and squat

  • Withstand exposure to varying weather conditions

  • Withstand prolonged standing or walking

  • Handle small objects and perform repetitive tasks

  • Safely utilize sharp tools 

  • Recognize and prevent potential self-injury caused by any of the above

Workdays are typically 8 hours M-F, with a start time of 7 am (this may adjust with the season). Additional or weekend working hours may be offered if the need arises, but are not required of our positions.


All team members are hired as W2 employees and covered by worker’s compensation. Benefits include:

  • Meaningful work alongside nature and good people

  • Paid leave (full-time positions)

  • Personal gear stipend (full-time positions) 

  • Weekly shares of seasonal, organic produce 


We do not sponsor health insurance or retirement plans at this time. Housing is not provided, but we are happy to share area information if you are relocating.

The responsibilities & duties listed above are general priorities of this position, but should not be understood as a comprehensive list of all possible work requirements. Three Creeks Produce values diversity and provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age, genetics, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Interested? How To Apply
Applications are open to returning employees in January and to new applicants by February. Applications are due on a rolling basis, most interviews will happen from January through February with the goal of filling positions by March. Initial interviews can be in person or virtually. Prospective candidates will be asked for work or character references.

To apply, simply email us 1) introducing yourself, 2) describing your farm or related work experience, and 3) why you are interested in this position. A professional resume is optional but helpful!


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